If There’s No You – New Release 2019-05-31

Swedish singer/song writer Caroline Gustavsson releases a heartfelt 3rd single.

If There’s No You – Lyric Video

With her new single ”If There’s No You” Caroline sings about the winding road to finding that special person to love and share your life with, and the fear of not knowing if that will ever happen. 

”For me it’s been a winding road when it comes to love. Sometimes I thought I found IT, but it turned out I didn’t. Other times I’ve thought that maybe I have to accept that it might not actually happen for me, even though I truly hope it will of course, you just never know what life will bring to the table”

Despite the quite deep and heartfelt lyrics, ”If There’s No You” delivers a fresh sound with a feel-good, arena pop vibe to it, with the hope of encouraging anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Caroline is an artist, songwriter, musician and owner of the publishing company Minda Songs.

She has been working as a professional songwriter since 2011, awarded with both gold & platinum for her works. Her songs have been performed by artist from around the world, like Asia, Europe and USA.

2018 Caroline released her debut single as an artist, called ”Breaking down my walls”.

Her music is genuine and heartfelt, with thoughtful and poetic lyrics at the core. Her smooth yet distinctive voice gives character to her songs and is easily recognized.

Caroline Gustavsson – If There’s No You

If There’s No You

Written by: Caroline Gustavsson

Produed by: Joakim Dalqvist

Cover & lyric video: Caroline Gustavsson

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