”Safe Distance” New Release 2019-02-22

Caroline Gustavsson – Safe Distance

After a successful debut as an artist, the Swedish singer/songwriter Caroline Gustavsson, releases her 2nd single ”Safe Distance”:

”My new song is about falling for someone and realizing this person isn’t good for you at all. Blinded by the strong connection to each other, you just need to stay away to not get yourself into trouble or fall even harder, knowing that the end will only bring a shattered heart” says Caroline

Safe distance is a collaboration with songwriter/producer/artist Jonas Brøg, the same dream team that co-wrote Carolines debut single ”Breaking Down My Walls”, which was released in November 2018.

”Safe distance is actually the first song we wrote together, actually the first time we met and I felt so strongly that I didn’t want to give this song to anyone else” she says.

Since 2011, Caroline’s main focus has been in writing for other artists and projects around the world, awarded both gold and platinum for her works. 

Her journey started out at a younger age, writing poems and lyrics, then learning how to play the piano and guitar just to be able to write songs and perform them. Falling in love with songwriting, and expressing her thoughts and feelings through words and music, she now takes another step forward as an artist herself.

”Safe Distance is very special to me, performing it feels like wearing my soul on my sleeve, though I think a lot of people can relate to this situation as well. For me it’s also a statement to myself, like ’Caroline, you deserve better than this. Trust in that, be strong and just let it go’. ” she says.

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