Caroline Gustavsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. She discovered a passion for music and singing when she was only a few years old and since then, music has been her calling.
She taught herself to play the guitar and began to write and perform her own songs, which became a way to channel her feelings and express herself in a creative way.

Caroline’s interest in music and love for songwriting was cultivated throughout her teenage years, and she studied music both in high school, college and in the university, completing a Masters of Education degree at Malmö Academy of Music.
Performing both solo and in different bands, Caroline came in contact with a publishing company that discovered her talent in songwriting and she was signed. Writing in different genres and styles for a world wide music market, she developed her sense for catchy melodies and hooks even more. Her songs have been released all over the world and she has been rewarded both gold and platinum for her works.

After almost a decade spent in Malmö, she moved back to Stockholm and started her own publishing company – Minda Songs. Still enjoying writing songs for others, the urge to express herself as an artist again grew stronger. She quit her day job as a music teacher to pursue her artist career and to take her songwriting to the next level.

Carolines music is genuine and heartfelt, with thoughtful and poetic lyrics at the core. Her smooth yet distinctive voice gives character to her songs and is easily recognized.

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Photo: Model House Stockholm

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