Changes – Release 2021-02-05

Swedish singer/song writer Caroline Gustavsson releases her uplifting new single.

Changes is a song about facing challenges in life and keeping on believing you’ll get through these hard times, even though it might feel difficult and perhaps even impossible at the time.

”When I wrote this song it was like having a heart to heart conversation with a close friend, trying to cheer him or her up, though instead it was a conversation with myself. 

Life felt very challenging at the time and I couldn’t really see how or when things were going to get better. 

I didn’t even have the intention of writing a regular song when I sat down with my guitar, I just needed to get my feelings out. Suddenly I felt so much lighter, since I managed to reassure myself I was going to get through this in some way.”

’Changes’ leaves the listener with an uplifting feeling, balancing the sometimes emotional lyrics with a feel-good acoustic,groove at its core.

Caroline is an artist, songwriter, musician and owner of the publishing company Minda Songs.

She has been working as a professional songwriter since 2011, awarded with both gold & platinum for her works. Her songs have been performed by artist from around the world, like Asia, Europe and USA.

2018 Caroline released her debut single as an artist, called ”Breaking down my walls”.

Her music is genuine and heartfelt, with thoughtful and poetic lyrics at the core. Her smooth yet distinctive voice gives character to her songs and is easily recognized.


Written by Caroline Gustavsson

Produced by Joakim Dalqvist

Cover and lyric video by Caroline Gustavsson

(Click image to listen)

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